Committee of Chief Risk Officers

 Bob Anderson, Executive Director

Bob Anderson, Executive Director

Welcome.  Our CCRO is a non-profit platform for risk & compliance professionals to work together on projects that matter to them, and to get to know each other over time through membership.  For more than a decade, past projects have published many white papers, and we've held almost a hundred meetings.  
Some of our current projects are highlighted below, and you can find out about upcoming meetings here...

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The Results of the 2017 Risk Practices Survey are being compiled...

Thirty-one companies completed our comprehensive survey on-line by mid-2017.  The survey leadership team has thus far developed over 100 charts drawing insights from our results.  We will be publishing a detailed survey report, hosting several workshops this year, and offering a detailed benchmarking report service as well.




Risk Mgt Standards for Retail Power & Gas

With more than thirteen webinars now completed, this group has generated a treasure trove of information concerning risk and managing risk in a retail energy business.  While webinars continue, the leadership group has turned to organizing all the webinar-based text into the comprehensive white paper...


Benchmarking KRIs


Our members are contributing internal key risk indicator (KRI) statistic data which the CCRO is aggregating into a new KRI benchmarking program. Ultimately, this one-of-a-kind industry data will allow members to benchmark their own KRIs against an anonymous industry peer group.  We are already seeing the results bring powerful insights and challenges to what was previously assumed...


The Practical Conduct of Enterprise Risk Management?

Our risk officers are seeking to learn from each other regarding the good and bad of experience with implementing ERM.  These private monthly webinars are making it easy to learn and share without travel requirements.  


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CCRO membership and involvement brings many benefits.  Schedule a call with Bob Anderson to discuss how you and your company will discover benefits by joining our unique organization of risk professionals...

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