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We are happy that you are interested in this set of videos introducing the facts and challenges associated with compliance risks that emerge from very specific CFTC rules targeted at commodity trading.

Jack & Mike created these videos to provide an easy way for all CCRO members to reach a baseline of understanding about the issues.

With this baseline understanding going in, we will be able to quickly dive into more specifics at our CCRO members meetings on both September 26th and November 30th. The discussion sessions will include some colorful case examples of possible misconduct. Attendees will be asked to privately indicate their own view of what might be appropriate action for each, and the resulting votes will be discussed. This should be a very insightful discussion for all.

The Authors

Jack Yeager and Mike De Laval are long-time friends of the CCRO and their Bios are available at the links below:

Mike De Laval, click pic for Bio…

Mike De Laval, click pic for Bio…

Jack Yeager, Click pic for Bio…

Jack Yeager, Click pic for Bio…

Our Mission

As part of the body of work we are planning for our on-going "Commission on Compliance," we think this material has everything that makes the CCRO most valuable to industry.

We see:

A clear CCRO role as the platform for industry to develop & publish to advance industry practices

  • Risks that are material to a wide group of energy companies

  • Industry lacks a common understanding

  • No standard framework for addressing these risks effectively

I hope you are able to join us in Ottawa on September 26th and in Houston on November 30th. Enjoy the videos!

The Videos:

Each of these videos is about twenty-minutes long. If you can find time to review these prior to our discussions on the 26th, it will help us to get right into the issues when we meet…

Part 1 of two. Please do follow this if at all possible before the meeting…

Part 2 of two. Please do try to find time to follow this before the meeting…