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The CCRO hosts four in-person meetings every year.  The location varies in order to be close to our members that are located around the US & Canada.
Members and their invited guests are welcome to attend.  Others can request an invitation from Bob Anderson.

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CCRO Q4 2018 Members Meeting

  • "3355 Granite" 3355 W. Alabama, Suite 195 Houston, Texas USA (map)


Office: “3355 Granite”

3355 W. Alabama, Suite 195, Houston, TX 77098

Map Link

Picos Restaurant

3601 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098

Map Link

DoubleTree by Hilton

6 E Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX 77046

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Parking Instructions at 3355 Granite: There is visitor parking in the adjacent garage. You can park in any unoccupied spot marked as Visitor.  There is visitor parking immediately to your right when you enter the garage. If this section is full, re-enter the parking garage and pull a ticket at the security gate and proceed to the upper levels of the garage where you can feel free to park in any non-reserved spaces.  There is no fee to park in this building.  You can find ample parking on the 5th and 6th levels of the garage.  Call 281-384-5650 if you have any issues.

Want to be a CCRO guest?

This meeting will be for CCRO members and their invited guests.  However, we encourage guests that are interested in the CCRO and in this meeting in-particular to step forward. Contact Bob at if you would like to request an invitation to join us.

Snapshot Agenda

Day 1

11:30 CST — Day 1 starts with members catching-up over lunch
12:30 to 5:00 — Members and Round-table discussions about CCRO initiatives
5:30 — Cocktails and continue unfinished discussions / start new ones, informally
6:30 — CCRO Member & Guest Dinner / Enjoy a dinner together with new & old friends

Day 2

8:30 CST — Day 2 starts with coffee, fruit, etc.
9:30 to 2:00 — Members symposium-style discussions about compliance risks
2:30 — Meeting closes

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Day 1: Current & New Initiative Discussions 

~ Detailed Agenda of Nov 29 ~

11:30 Lunch

Networking lunch gets things started

Catch-up with your fellow CCRO members, meet some of our guests

Sponsored by

1:00 Welcome

Welcome and Introductions

Meet the CCRO members and our guests; anti-trust statement

Discussion Hosts:

Bob Anderson
CCRO Exec Director

Paul Turner
Partner, Reed Smith

1:30 New Business

Brief Discussions re New CCRO Business

1) Current Practices Regarding Recording of Transaction Executions…

Our survey results posed some follow-on questions about why some do some don’t record phones and/or instant messages to capture transaction execution in the trade area…

2) CFTC Changes: Swap Dealers and “Notional Value”

On November 5th, the CFTC published its decision regarding changes to De Minimis Exception to the Swap Dealer Definition, 83 Fed. Reg. 27444.  

  • What has changed? What are the implications of this new ruling to member companies?

  • What might be some related best practices for members to consider

Discussion Hosts:

John Funk
CFO/CRO Energy Marketing
Engie North America 
A CCRO Member Company

Jenny Fordham
Sr. VP, Govt Affairs 
Nat Gas Supply Assn
A CCRO Advocate Member

Paul Turner
Reed Smith
A CCRO Advocate Member

2:00 The CCRO Survey of Risk Management Practices

Publication of Our Latest Industry Survey

The analysis and documentation of our 2017 industry survey of risk management practices is in the process of being published.  We would like to discuss how and where the document(s) are available to members and how we are planning to make them available to the wider public.

In addition, we want to give acknowledgement to the key contributors to this large project that has been underway for more than a year…

Discussion Hosts:

Sid Jacobson
Managing Director
Pivotal Risk Advisors
A CCRO Advocate

Bob Anderson
CCRO Exec Director

2:30 The Retail Risk Management Standards Working Group

Retail Risk Mgt Standards White Paper, Section 3

A Full Draft of Section 3: "Creation of Retail Risks"

After reaching an ideal overall structure for this comprehensive paper, and completing fifteen webinars with interested CCRO members, the retail risk management group “Phase One” team has developed section 3 into a near-complete draft.  

The comprehensive Section 3 document addresses the "Creation of Retail Risks", for power and gas retailers.  It also provides for an organized taxonomy of all risk types and discussion of them.

We will take a close look at this robust draft as well as discuss new developments in the project plans and team.

Discussion Hosts:

A CCRO Member


3:15 New “Credit Risk Council”

Credit Risk Management Practice Standards


The CCRO membership agrees that since our first credit risk publication in 2002, credit risk management practices have evolved in a number of important directions.  In these past fifteen years:

  • New technologies have emerged making complex analyses more practical

  • New mitigation instruments are now offered by new service providers; while others have faded in use

  • New sources of credit risk have emerged, particularly from emerging industry segments such as retail energy  


Discussion Hosts:

Morgan Davies
Managing Director, 
Alliance Risk
A CCRO Board Member

Nigeria Bloczynski
Head of Corporate Risk Management, WGL
A CCRO Board Member

Malinda Prudencio
The Energy Authority
A CCRO Board Member

This new CCRO group is forming quickly, by first establishing the leadership group of credit-practitioner members.  In addition, we want to  invite the appropriate credit solution providers as CCRO advocate members to provide expertise and resources needed to tackle research and carry-out case-example credit analyses for the paper.  The wider team of credit professionals participating as editors is expected to incorporate a wide cross-section of industry and specialties.

CCRO welcomes the International Energy Credit Association (IECA) to this initiative.
CCRO and IECA will be working together to advance development of this set of white papers as well as related events & training...

4:00 The KRI Group

Benchmarking Key Risk Indicators

The Leadership Shares their Best Practice Procedures and Policy for this Benchmarking Service

Many members have indicated they do internally measure and report their own KRIs.  They also indicated that the value of these measures is limited because they can only be inward-looking, measuring only their own numbers and trends.  However, benchmarking to industry peers would dramatically increase the value of KRI measures by bringing a sense of what numbers and trends may be "best" or "worst" in-class KRI results.  With external KRI benchmarking, a CRO's reports can make a much more compelling case for internal change initiatives.

For Discussion at this meeting: Our CCRO Member-driven Solution.  Taking constructive action towards solving this situation, the CCRO's KRI working group is striving to create an entirely new database of anonymous industry KRI benchmarking statistics, particularly in the area of operative risks.  Proof of concept of this database and an associated cloud-based reporting tool has already begun.  

At this meeting, the group's leadership team will be hosting discussions about the latest developments in this initiative and reaching-out for more participant companies.  By joining as a participant in this group the KRI benchmarks become more robust overall, and your company will gain access to the results data through the cloud-based viewer.

  • Current status: participants, access to viewer, clarifying data being submitted, periodicity of data, etc.

  • Practices for gathering the necessary internal data

Discussion Hosts:

Joe Zappia
Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Assessment,
EQT Corporation
A CCRO Member

Kristen Murray
Director, Risk Control & Contracts
A CCRO Member

Roderick Austin
Cube Logic
A CCRO Advocate

Discussion Hosts:

Russ Cohen
President & CFO
Dark Owl Cyber Security
A CCRO Guest

4:30 The KRI Group

Extension: A New KRI for Cyber Risk?

“Dark Int Score” for CCRO Members

More info to come.

5:00 Potential New CCRO Initiative with the NRMC

Dept of Homeland Security and CCRO Members


The NRMC leadership has reached-out to the CCRO as the forum for Chief Risk Officers and other industry leaders in risk management. The NRMC believes CCRO member professionals should be one of their key constituencies and would like to discuss several ways that the CCRO and the NRMC might work together…

Discussion Hosts:

Bob Kolasky
DHS National Risk Management Center
A CCRO Guest

Daniel Kroese
Associate Director
DHS National Risk Management Center
A CCRO Guest

This summer, the Department of Homeland Security formed the National Risk Management Center (NRMC) to provide a home for collaborative, sector-specific and cross-sector risk management efforts to better protect critical infrastructure. The NRMC plays a supporting role to help with dynamic prioritization, providing a national and regional strategic understanding of what is truly critical in the path of an incident, as well as serving as a venue for coordinated operational planning across Sector Specific Agencies and other relevant agencies. 

Specifically, the NRMC brings government and industry together to

  • identify, assess, and prioritize risks to national critical functions that go beyond the traditional focus on assets and organizations, to include the underlying services and functions that enable critical infrastructure operations;

  • collaborate on the development of risk management strategies and approaches to manage risks to national critical functions; and

  • coordinate integrated cross-sector risk management activities to address the cross-cutting nature of crit-
    ical infrastructure technologies.

6:00 Cocktails and Dinner

Join the CCRO members & guests to catch-up among friends over drinks & dinner…

Picos Restaurant

3601 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098

Map Link



Day 2: Symposiums on Compliance Risks

~ Detailed Agenda of Nov 30 ~

Bob Anderson
CCRO Exec Director

Paul Turner
Partner, Reed Smith

8:30 Welcome, coffee & today’s agenda

A Robust Framework for Enterprise Compliance Risks

Tom and Steve will discuss a framework that Emera uses for the enterprise-wide perspective of compliance risks.  We would like to explore CCRO member viewpoints on generic application of such a framework to any company…


·      Macro compliance risk areas

·      Micro compliance areas & controls

·      Levels of risks associated

·      Organizational Hierarchy for governance

Discussion Hosts:

Tom Birmingham
Vice President, Compliance
A CCRO Company Member


Steve Kleege
Veritas Total Solutions
A CCRO Advocate Member

10:00 The Commission on Compliance

CFTC and Enforcement Priorities for 2019

  • A round-up of key issues that CFTC will be addressing in 2019.  

  • Review of why these are particularly relevant for CROs.

Discussion Hosts:

Paul Turner
Reed Smith
A CCRO Advocate Member

Tentative: Colette Honorable
Reed Smith
A CCRO Advocate Member

Discussion Hosts:

Jack Yeager
Risk & Compliance Expert, 
Whitley Penn

Mike DeLaval
Trading & Markets Expert
Whitley Penn

10:30 The Commission on Compliance

New Initiative: Best Practices for Trade Area Monitoring

Compliance with CFTC regulations related to commodity trade orders and related patterns

We are excited to be proposing a very important initiative addressing the broad subject of trade area monitoring as part of managing operational risks.  Today’s discussion will focus on risks of non-compliance with complex CFTC regulations concerning trading tactics.  These regulations cover exchange trades AND all swaps, companies with trading activity of any size, and retailers as well as their credit providers…this area is for virtually all CCRO member companies. 

The discussion Jack and Mike have developed is an interactive exercise that is designed to help members:

  • Understand what they are up against and what they can do about it

  • Gain a real sense of the urgency associated with addressing this specific risk

  • Better appreciate how much we don’t know right now to be able to do this effectively

  • Identify how the CCRO can help advance industry practice in this area

A note: Our November CCRO meetings will be centered around compliance issues, with this being an important one of those. Join in this engaging and informative discussion to kick off our next steps in this area

11:30 Lunch

Light lunch served and resume discussions during lunch.

12:15 Commission on Compliance 

The Practical Side; What Can Energy Companies Do About This?

Forming practical, best practice steps to minimize company exposure to this risk 

Are there steps that companies can take to reduce the chances that the company will be subject to penalties in the event of a compliance failure in this area? Could the CCRO Company Members and Advocates work together to publish such best practices?

Join us in this discussion of the right “way forward” in the face of such challenging risk exposures for companies of all sizes…


TBA Hosts
A CCRO Advocate or Guest

1:00 Commission on Compliance

Risk Technology; Dealing with Data for Trade Area Monitoring

What data to monitor - How to acquire it? Analyze it? Report on it?

How can trade area monitoring be carried-out internally? What tools are available, with what focuses?

How might each CCRO member think about appropriate technology deployment?

TBA Hosts
A CCRO Advocate or Guest

Round Table
A CCRO Member

1:30 Meeting wrap-up

CCRO Open Round-table Discussion

A discussion with members around the table about compliance risk priorities and goals for 2019

2:00 CCRO Meeting Closes  

Thank you to all our members & guests that participated!

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