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Retail Energy Risk Management

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Recommended Practices for the Retail Electric and Gas Industries.

Extreme weather events in recent years such as the Polar Vortex of 2014, and the more recent “bomb cyclone” and “artic outbreak” of January 2018, have highlighted the continuing challenges faced by participants in both power and gas retail markets.  More such challenges are sure to come.  Consequently, members of the CCRO have pointed out that there is a real need for authoritative and independently developed standards for risk management practices at retail energy providers (REPs). All retail market participants will benefit, including REPs, their suppliers, their credit support providers, regulators, and system operators.  Much like the wholesale standards published by the CCRO, these retail standards will help to advance risk management by providing participants a baseline of practices against which a specific REPs practices may be objectively benchmarked. These new REP practices will build upon the rich foundation of risk management recommendations that have been published by the CCRO over the last decade.

This initiative will serve more than just REP companies. The retail segment is very dynamic and we continue to see new REPs entering the market.  This creates unique opportunities and challenges for market participants supplying, credit supporting, and regulating these REPs.  This CCRO effort strives to provide a roadmap for all REPs to follow in order to distinguish themselves by demonstrating leading practices through use of these standards.
Larger energy companies with affiliated retail businesses will benefit by the integration of leading retail practices within those of a larger more diversified energy business.

What’s Expected of Group Members?

Today, this CCRO working group is in full-swing.  We invite all those interested to join in this exciting and important industry initiative.  By sharing your expertise and experience with that of the wider CCRO membership, this group will assure its standards are both robust and practical.  
Our private series of retail risk webinars will continue as we develop the paper into a final draft.  Each webinar delves into the details of a defined area of retail risk management and the participants’ discussion provide draft content for our final paper.  This process minimizes the impact on everyone’s schedule while insuring that all may have influence on development of the standards.  Participants find a commitment of a few hours per week with no travel is a reasonable estimate.

Join With Us Now and Get Involved

CCRO white papers are the shared work of the CCRO member companies.  You are invited to join the CCRO companies involved in this project, including Retail Energy Providers of all sizes, and their wholesale suppliers to help formulate, codify, and learn about the best practices that are needed to operate successfully in this industry.  We are always seeking additional participants that have:

  • Strong aspirations for their company’s retail risk management
  • Interest in sharing their knowledge while developing these industry standards
  • A desire to be recognized as supporting this initiative

Membership cost is a function of size.  Contact us for more information:

Some of the topics the CCRO will be addressing include:

  • The Current Environment Regarding Risks and Risk Management Priorities in Retail Energy
  • Unique Circumstances and Complications Faced by Retail Entities, their Suppliers, and their Creditors
  • Retail Commodity Markets and Associated Risks
  • Retail Products; Architecture and Associated Risks
  • Modeling of Risk in Retail
  • Understanding Sources of Retail ‘Business Risk’
  • The Role of Pricing in the Creation of Risks
  • Regulator Requirements and the Creation of Regulatory Risks
  • Systems and Technology
  • Risk Management Instruments: Alternative Methodologies for Retail Products
  • Company Forecasting and its Role in Effective Risk Management
  • The Use of Exogenous Forecasts and Effective Risk Management
  • Capital Requirements and Risk Management
  • General Policies and Procedures for Risk Management
  • Risk Management Policies & Procedures Specific to Retail
  • Corporate Governance for Risk Management
  • Qualifications & Training for Effective Risk Management

Some of the lead companies participating include:

Engie Resources
Bill Jordan

Direct Energy
John Adams

Just Energy
Amir Andani (Chair)

Gary Taylor

Christine Galaty (Chair)

Source Power & Gas
Sean Andrews

Deca Energy
Michael Sergeev

Clean Choice Energy
John Burke

Gas South
Freddy Cardozo

Prosumers Energy
Joe Pokalsky (Sr. Editor)

Alliance Risk Group
Scott Davis
Morgan Davies

P.R. Quinlan
Frank Caliva

and many more that have contributed...see paper preamble section for list