For CCRO Members

We provide access to all of our published white papers and unpublished materials in a searchable on-line resource.  Members may read, comment, search, print and download from our years of working groups and industry initiatives.  In addition, current working group drafts are available for members to view and comment on.

Members may also have bound versions of all white papers at cost.


For Non CCRO Members


Our Papers & Their Impact

Because of the our unique role as the unbiased publisher of best practices, and our associated successes recognized by the industry, our documents are today a significant force for advancing the financial practices and financial health of companies active in energy. Our published documents or “white papers” provide a unique independent reference material for energy company management, boards, regulators, and industry observers. These papers provide consolidated, non-exclusive, authoritative documents that any of the mentioned beneficiaries across the industry may use when developing their own practices for financial reporting, company analyses, and regulatory review (to name but a few white paper uses). These best practices build on and strengthen current industry standards. During our research process, we have found that while many companies already follow many best practices, they are not codified and universally accepted as standards. The implementation of our recommended best practices are entirely voluntary for our members. The CCRO strongly encourages our energy industry’s participants to adopt the best practices outlined in our white papers. We believe that adoption of these practices reduces risk, enhances financial health, fosters market liquidity, and increases the efficiency of the trading and marketing of energy; all factors which ultimately benefit consumers and investors. We expect that these best practices will evolve and develop further through our future investigations and through the efforts and experience of our member companies adopting and implementing them.


Our Working Groups

The CCRO creates its published documents through voluntary “working groups”. Each working group is formed to address a specific risk issue that the overall membership has seen as crucial. Working groups have created a number of “best practices” documents in the past, published via the CCRO web site for anyone to download. We see our work publishing new best practice documents continuing for the foreseeable future as industry grows, markets change, and technology develops.

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