ERM Council Webinar

Barriers to progress with your ERM process

ERM Council Webinar: barriers to progress with your ERM process

By: Robert Anderson        On: 03/26/2015 07:26:07        In:General Meeting News

Our host for this webinar will be Bobby Little, CRO at American Municipal Power. He has selected a great topic that I know many are interested in discussing solutions:


The most effective process for ERM; from Board to business unit to asset-level - keeping it 'real' and 'fresh'.

A discussion about the sometimes cumbersome ERM process, and the barriers to progress that can arise with its implementation over time. Bobby will start by laying-out some details of how he has successfully implemented the ERM process at AMP. While their process has moved forward and is poised to be widened, Bobby sees some challenges that he would like to share and discuss with the Council.
For example;

  • How do you keep ERM fresh and on the minds of business unit managers, when the ERM process takes a year or more?
  • How can you bring ERM and its valuable language of risk to bear on the ongoing stream of investment decisions made every day?

Members please join us, Friday March 27th, at 10:00 central time. 

If you are not a member of the CCRO and would like to join one of our ERM Webinar discussions, contact us for an invitation as our guest.

The slides are available here: