From Bob Anderson...

CCRO on CFTC Advisory Committee

I'll be sitting on the CFTC's Market Risk Advisory Committee (MRAC). In that role I represent the perspectives of my CCRO member companies as end users, specifically their concerns relating to the outlook for energy markets...


'Let's be constructive and active'

Was the discussion theme at the March CCRO meeting in DC. As Commissioner Bowen's Chief Council Petal Walker discussed with us, The MRAC represents a place where the CCRO can elevate with the CFTC Commissioners those market issues of greatest concern to our end user member companies. The CFTC sees it can offer opportunity to respond to MRAC recommendations either through regulation, or by encouraging energy market stakeholders to take some actions on their own.

CFTC Announces MRAC Members

MRAC Overview from CFTC

To support this important role as member of the CFTC's new Market Risk Advisory Committee

The CCRO will be holding a series of webinar discussions among members to float ideas and develop the best ones into clear topics for further discussion amongst the other MRAC members. The first MRAC meeting is April 2nd, so we want to get the web discussions started ASAP.

Already, From our March meeting discussion, attendees proposed a few possible topics:

  • Exit of banks from physical energy markets and potential adverse impact on energy companies' hedging ability, vis-a-vis changed market liquidity and capital requirements.
  • Regulations regarding clearing, and accommodating them in the face of energy companies' undeniable need for healthy (and growing) bi-lateral physical markets.

Please do e-mail me if you'd like to be part of our MRAC topic support discussion team, or if you simply want to suggest a topic for the team's webinar discussions.