Our Role

We exist to provide industry with its own independent platform on which to work together in constructive initiatives that develop and document risk management practices.  We believe that by working together in this way we are changing our company's and our industry's practices for the better.

Our Membership

Our members are managing the myriad of risks across all segments of our energy industry.
They leverage the CCRO in sharing knowledge and working together...

  • to define,
  • to better understand,
  • to efficiently execute, and deliver value

...from the practice of risk management

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Our membership has been re-shaped recently to allow a wider cross-section of companies engaged in the power, gas, and oil industries of all sizes.

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Our White Papers

The CCRO has published many white papers addressing all aspects of risk management and associated functions like compliance, operations, trading, capital allocation and more..

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Retail Risk Management

Risk Management Best Practices for the Retail Electric and Gas Industries.

The Committee of Chief Risk Officers (“CCRO”) will host a series of web meetings and in-person meetings to develop its new CCRO white paper entitled “Retail Risk Management Practices”.  This comprehensive white paper is today in an early draft form, and may ultimately provide these industries with much needed standards specifically tailored for the many nuances of retail energy risks. The paper is targeting publication in second quarter of 2016.

CCRO white papers are the shared work of the CCRO member companies.  You are invited to join the CCRO companies involved in this project, including Retail Energy Providers of all sizes, and their wholesale suppliers to help formulate, codify, and learn about the best practices that are needed to operate successfully in this industry. 
Some of the topics the CCRO will be addressing include:
  • The Current Environment Regarding Risks and Risk Management Priorities in Retail Energy
  • Unique Circumstances and Complications Faced by Retail Entities, their Suppliers, and their Creditors
  • Retail Commodity Markets and Associated Risks
  • Retail Products; Architecture and Associated Risks
  • Modeling of Risk in Retail
  • Understanding Sources of Retail ‘Business Risk’
  • The Role of Pricing in the Creation of Risks
  • Regulator Requirements and the Creation of Regulatory Risks
  • Systems and Technology
  • Risk Management Instruments: Alternative Methodologies for Retail Products
  • Company Forecasting and its Role in Effective Risk Management
  • The Use of Exogenous Forecasts and Effective Risk Management
  • Capital Requirements and Risk Management
  • General Policies and Procedures for Risk Management
  • Risk Management Policies & Procedures Specific to Retail
  • Corporate Governance for Risk Management
  • Qualifications & Training for Effective Risk Management
The CCRO is looking to ensure that we have all types of retail entities involved and contributing to this important industry initiative. We offer three different levels of participation and cost.  Please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Some of the companies already participating include:

GDF Suez Trading

Direct Energy

Just Energy



MP2 Energy

Stream Energy

Washington Gas

PPL Services

Alliance Risk Group

ESCO Advisors 

Supporting Documents 

1-Pager Primer About the Initiative
A quick one-page review of the impetus for this project and who should be getting involved.
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Preview of the Draft Paper Intro @ Jan 2016

Section one of the DRAFT white paper as of Jan 2016.  Includes table of contents to provide a sense of the scope of work the project is undertaking and a listing of the initial group of people involved.  Ideal for promoting involvement in the project and joining the CCRO.
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