Our Role

We exist to provide industry with its own independent platform on which to work together in constructive initiatives that develop and document risk management practices.  We believe that by working together in this way we are changing our company's and our industry's practices for the better.

Our Membership

Our members are managing the myriad of risks across all segments of our energy industry.
They leverage the CCRO in sharing knowledge and working together...

  • to define,
  • to better understand,
  • to efficiently execute, and deliver value

...from the practice of risk management

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Our membership has been re-shaped recently to allow a wider cross-section of companies engaged in the power, gas, and oil industries of all sizes.

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Our White Papers

The CCRO has published many white papers addressing all aspects of risk management and associated functions like compliance, operations, trading, capital allocation and more..

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2016 Risk Organizations Survey

We opened our new survey to CCRO members in March and are now expanding our outreach for participation to non-member companies as well. Join some twenty companies that have already taken the survey and gain access to the most valuable risk management practices benchmarking information available.
How to Participate in this Year's Survey
Participation in this year's survey only requires you to register as your company's respondent.  After you receive back approval & your password, you can review the entire survey and start answering questions on-line.
This registration will provide you with a password to allow you to begin to anwer questions and to save & return to your work as many times as needed to complete.  

The survey is comprehensive and may requires several company departments to aide with completing the questions.  In all there are approximately 120 questions.  However, most are check boxes or short answers, so our survey is designed to be as simple to complete as possible.  We suggest allowing a week of time to gather information from your company staff and to submit your survey as final.

Our 2016 Industry Survey...Now Open

The survey for 2016 has been expanded and sharpened from our previous version.  We have:

  • Expanded questions in some areas, where members are most interested in "drilling-down" for more transparency into practices.  
  • Clarified questions In other areas, to help ensure all participants interpret the questions consistently.
  • Allow several people within a respondent company to fill-out the same survey form.
The areas addressed in the new 2016 survey include:
Company Characteristics Credit Operations
Company Geography Credit Practices
Company Scale Credit Reporting
Functional Organization Regulatory and Organization Compliance 
Compliance Risk Professional Compensation
Governance Information Technology for Risk
Curve Marking Regulatory Compliance
Risk Reporting Capital Allocation under Risk

The Role of Our Industry-wide Surveys
Members of the Committee of Chief Risk Officers frequently engage in discussion on the current state of their companies risk control environment; inclusive of organization, analytics, policies, process, systems and budgets.  In 2014, the CCRO members formed a working group which developed our first comprehensive survey targeted at the organizations companies have formed for energy risk management.  That first survey's success and the feedback it generated has resulted in plans to conduct this survey every two years.
Our members developed this survey's content with three primary objectives:
  1. To create an industry resource that can be leveraged by companies to shape their organization’s internal risk management practices
  2. To create valuable survey reports and workshops all support of industry advancement
  3. To identify gaps in our industry where the CCRO might create new initiatives for industry improvement
Our survey and its results have several distinct advantages. These advantages laud the CCRO survey leadership team as visionary:
  • Our survey is sharply focused on energy risk management, particularly, energy commodity organizations. This “energy industry only” focus allows much more relevant conclusions than possible with typical best practice recommendations that aggregate energy, with financial services and other industries.
  • The survey content was developed by Chief Risk Officers and other risk management professionals in the CCRO membership. This “practitioner design” ensures that the issues are those for which our industry most needs information in order to make operations more efficient and risk practices more effective.
  • The common practice findings were controlled so that each responding entity is a single aggregate response, so as to limit duplicative answers from varied perspectives within a single organization. Thus avoiding a problem commonly found in broader public surveys.

2014 Detailed Report Copies are Still Available on Request
Our first survey closed in 1Q2014. The detailed survey results and analysis is available in the "Detailed Study Report".
This sixty-page report, rich with charts and insights, is available in a professional print-published format at cost for members and to non-members for a fee.  Please contact us for the details of having the 2014 report sent to you.