Our Role

We exist to provide industry with its own independent platform on which to work together in constructive initiatives that develop and document risk management practices.  We believe that by working together in this way we are changing our company's and our industry's practices for the better.

Our Membership

Our members are managing the myriad of risks across all segments of our energy industry.
They leverage the CCRO in sharing knowledge and working together...

  • to define,
  • to better understand,
  • to efficiently execute, and deliver value

...from the practice of risk management

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Our membership has been re-shaped recently to allow a wider cross-section of companies engaged in the power, gas, and oil industries of all sizes.

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Our White Papers

The CCRO has published many white papers addressing all aspects of risk management and associated functions like compliance, operations, trading, capital allocation and more..

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Risk Metrics Subcommittee

See preview of the paper here

The CCRO members are moving forward now with this new working group that will address the topic of risk metrics in the context of the latest thinking by CROs today.  Our previously published risk metrics whitepaper provides a baseline for this group. Click the image to see a preview.

Stated mission:
  • To create an active discussion forum” about risk metric topics.
  • To address only current, cutting-edge metric topics.
  • To document discussions and case studies to create reference materials.

The group will be holding a series of monthly webinar discussions.  These webinars allow members to share their current practices with their peers and discuss how to advance leading practices for CCRO publication.  The group coordinators provide support with documentation of the discussions and analysis, as well as facilitating insights into leading practices that have been uncovered in the discussions.

Topics to be addressed through regular webinar discussions:
1. “How do you make your set of metrics appropriate for your organization?”

A rich dialog led by the diversity of types of energy companies fhow appropriate metrics vary with the type of business at hand 

2. “Terminology Standards”

There are often several variants on calculation methodology for common risk metrics.  Such specifics often are not clearly spelled-out, leading to mis-understandings and a breakdown in the appropriate use of many metrics.  Terminology standards published by the CCRO could improve clarity, thereby ensuring risk metrics are applied appropriately in support decision making 

3. “Key Risk Indicators”

Review lessons-learned in the financial industry, external resources from other industries, and a rich dialog on how the CCRO could advance leading practices for the use of KRIs in the energy industry. 

4. “Trade Monitoring”

possible to leverage existing metrics deployed in a company to create transactional monitoring? 

5. “Operational Risk Metrics”

This area has been a spot of considerable weakness in our industry 

5. “Short Survey”

Survey of members regarding current risk metrics reported, what calculation methodologies applied, and how metrics are used internally (purpose).

6. “Risk Reporting Archive”

This is a CCRO initiative, wherein members anonymously contribute their favorite internal risk reports into a CCRO database.  This creates a growing resource of current risk reports, which members may search through in support of their own internal reporting objectives.




Working Group Leaders

Jonathan Stein
CRO, Hess

Garth Renne
VP ERM Analytics

Chris Strickland

Elizabeth Barker

Recent Materials:

Slides from the discussion at the March 11th CCRO meeting in Alexandria, Va. Discussion was led by Garth Renne & Bob Anderson.

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Scope and priorities, notes from planning call, Jan 17, 2015

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