Our Role

We exist to provide industry with its own independent platform on which to work together in constructive initiatives that develop and document risk management practices.  We believe that by working together in this way we are changing our company's and our industry's practices for the better.

Our Membership

Our members are managing the myriad of risks across all segments of our energy industry.
They leverage the CCRO in sharing knowledge and working together...

  • to define,
  • to better understand,
  • to efficiently execute, and deliver value

...from the practice of risk management

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Our membership has been re-shaped recently to allow a wider cross-section of companies engaged in the power, gas, and oil industries of all sizes.

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Our White Papers

The CCRO has published many white papers addressing all aspects of risk management and associated functions like compliance, operations, trading, capital allocation and more..

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ERM Council

The Council on the Practical Conduct of Enterprise Risk Management 

The CCRO is acting as host for a series of live webinar discussions among our most experienced CCRO members, especially those with a mandate of some kind to implement ERM.  This group, known as the ERM Council for short, is holding regular 1hr discussions on the second Friday of each month.

Currently with sixteen CROs involved, and growing in popularity - this council is a valuable source for our members to share ideas and hear about the challenges others have with ERM and how they have tried to tackle them.

We believe that these discussions will yield unique insights into the way forward for effective ERM implementation, providing us with the sort of cutting-edge risk topic & material that the CCRO is known for.
In its first two foundational conference calls, the group decided to focus the series of future webinars each on one of these topics which many wish to hear more about from each other:

1. Demonstrating the value-add of ERM to the company – what has worked? what not? 2. Understanding emerging risks & integrating them into ERM.
3. Your board’s wants & needs from ERM; clarify. 4. Measuring risk appetite; process & measures.
5. The most effective process for risk assessment & consolidation; from Board to Business Unit to Asset-level; Keeping it ‘real’ and ‘fresh’. 6. The capital allocation process and ERM.
7. Operations risks; measurement, management and ERM. 8. ERM and strategic planning; special emphasis on emerging risks?
9. Compare & contrast; organizations for ERM. 10. Other
Next Webinar:
Scheduled for
Friday June 19, 10:00cst

Webinar #9
"Changing ERM with a Changing Company"
May 8, 2015
Hosted by: 
Scott Dalton
How has Encana changed its ERM process in response to significant company changes in strategy and business assets?

Webinar #8
"The Most Effective Process for ERM; From Board to Business Unit"
March 27, 2015
Hosted by: 
Bobby Little
American Municipal Power
How to implement an effective ERM process across the company, yet not lose momentum with the business units in the process?...

Webinar #7
"Your Board's Wants & Needs from ERM"
February 20, 2015
Hosted by: 
Brad Radimer
Alliance Risk
Bob Stibolt
How can the Board become an advocate of you ERM program...
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Webinar #5
"Using Risk Adjusted Return on Capital for ERM"
Discussion hosted by: 
Vlady Gorny

How has RAROC become a valued component to decisionmaking with an ERM perspective of opportunities...
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Webinar #4
"Focus on Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance"

Discussion hosted by: 
Ken Robinson

Have companies identified their risk appetite? How can such become valuable for the Board...

Webinar #3
"Capital Allocation and ERM"

Discussion hosted by: 
Swati Daji
CRO, Duke Energy

How can ERM contribute to an efficient process for capital allocation...