Our Role

We exist to provide industry with its own independent platform on which to work together in constructive initiatives that develop and document risk management practices.  We believe that by working together in this way we are changing our company's and our industry's practices for the better.

Our Membership

Our members are managing the myriad of risks across all segments of our energy industry.
They leverage the CCRO in sharing knowledge and working together...

  • to define,
  • to better understand,
  • to efficiently execute, and deliver value

...from the practice of risk management

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Our membership has been re-shaped recently to allow a wider cross-section of companies engaged in the power, gas, and oil industries of all sizes.

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Our White Papers

The CCRO has published many white papers addressing all aspects of risk management and associated functions like compliance, operations, trading, capital allocation and more..

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Our Unique Role

Unlike Any Other Organization

The CCRO is a unique and valuable opportunity for those of us that are practitioners of risk management.  In 2003, The CCRO emerged after the demise of Enron put many other energy firms under great scrutiny and financial stress.  The risk professionals that were involved in the nascent CCRO quickly found enjoyment and value in working with their peers especially in this constructive and non-competitive environment.  The CCRO from the start was designed to go farther than just discussions about risk management practices; it was designed to be a developer and publisher of written content.  Members wanted an organization that was theirs, one that could represent risk professionals from industry.  By 2004, the CCRO formed itself as an independent non-profit corporation and released itself from the consultant that had been the prior host.  The CCRO had become the platform for constructive industry initiatives that it is still today, over a decade later.

The industry driven,
non-profit vehicle,
for advancing your practices in energy risk management